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Jeremy McLaughlin

With all of the data in Excel, it was easy to create a pivot table to summarize information about total number of unique artists, total number of unique songs, total number of songs per year or decade, and artists per individual song. I wanted to visualize some of these descriptive statistics, and while a bar chart would have been effective and easy, it was way too much content for a single chart and the bars going all the way down the page caused cognitive overload. I uploaded the data to Flourish and tried several visualizations on that platform. While heatmaps are typically used for color coding quantitative aspects of categorical data and drawing attention to certain areas of “warm” or “hot” colors, the heatmap that Flourish created with our data is like a color coded bar chart but without the density or overload.

Looking at the number of performances of each unique song, and the number of performances by each unique artist, I created two versions for each set of data, so it is easy to view them in an alphabetical list or by number of appearances in the data set. While the placement of the bar in the alphabetical list is not indicative of its relative placement compared to other bars (e.g. Ahmad Jamal has 7 songs and Al Jarreau has 100, but their bars are both on the left side of the chart due to the way Flourish represents the data) these visualizations help us convey the important, compiled descriptive aspects of our data and provide an easy way to look for a specific song title or artist or view artists and titles by number of appearances in our corpus.

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Top songs based on the number of unique artists who performed them in our dataset

Top vocalists based on the number of unique song titles in the dataset

Alpha list of songs with count of number of versions in the dataset

Alpha list of vocalists and count of the number of unique songs in the dataset