Jazz Genius

Sentiment Analysis Mandalas

Sam Mahowald

To further understand the nuances of the sentiment analysis, I decided to examine a selection of files from our corpus as well as artists with a negative sentiment analysis score using the mandala tool from Voyant Tools. The first image illustrates that the terms “love” and “heart” are prominently featured in the song lyrics. This suggests that the themes of love are a common subject in the songs and that the sentiment analysis associates love with a positive score. It is also possible that the AI is unable to detect more nuanced ideas such as irony within the lyrics.

The second is comprised of 3 artists and a total of nine songs. Thus, conclusions from this visualization are limited. However, the term “blues” and “love” are shared by Mamie Smith and Marion Harris. Perhaps blues is considered a strongly negative term while love is more ambivalent. So, even with the term love appearing in both artist's songs, the sentiment analysis identifies them as negative. It is also worth noting that Bill “Bojangles” Robinson only had one song, and shared no common themes with the two other artists. As a result, he isn't featured in the visualization

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