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Lonesome Mama Blues - Mamie Smith (1989)

Compound Sentiment Score:

0.9198 - Very Positive
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TEI Information

TEI encoding by BP

Revision History

  • 2021-03-22 - Ben Pettis


Tagged basic structure and noted the rhyme scheme. Date was missing in genius data, so I looked it up via Google


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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
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<TEI xmlns="http://www.tei-c.org/ns/1.0">

		<title type="main">Lonesome Mama Blues</title>
			<!-- We are using "respStmt" here because author/editor isn't correct in our situation -->
			<persName>Mamie Smith</persName>
			<name xml:id="BP">Ben Pettis</name>
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		<authority>LIS 768 Analytics Project</authority>
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		<note type="project">This file was produced for Library &amp; Information Sciences 768: Digital Humanities Analytics, iSchool, University of Wisconsin Madison, Spring 2021.</note>
				<name>Mamie Smith</name>
		<title type="main">Lonesome Mama Blues</title>
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		<change when="2021-03-22"><name>Ben Pettis</name> TEI encoding</change>
		<!--Your text goes here.-->
		<div1 type="song">
		<lg type="verse" rhyme="aabb">
		<l>You hear the whistle <rhyme label="a">blow</rhyme></l>
		<l>I want you all to <rhyme label="a">know</rhyme></l>
		<l>That train is taking my sweet man <rhyme label="b">away</rhyme></l>
		<l>From me <rhyme label="b">today</rhyme></l>

		<lg type="verse" rhyme="aabb">
		<l>Don't know the reason <rhyme label="a">why</rhyme></l>
		<l>I must sigh and <rhyme label="a">cry</rhyme></l>
		<l>But somethin' 'bout him makes me feel this <rhyme label="b">way</rhyme></l>
		<l>That's why I <rhyme label="b">say</rhyme>...</l>

		<lg type="verse" rhyme="aabbccdd">
		<l>I've got those lonesome mama <rhyme label="a">blues</rhyme></l>
		<l>Since my love has been <rhyme label="a">refused</rhyme></l>
		<l>My poor heart's grievin' because he's leavin' <rhyme label="b">me</rhyme></l>
		<l>But wait and <rhyme label="b">see</rhyme></l>
		<l>Some day he'll come back <rhyme label="c">again</rhyme></l>
		<l>On that very same old <rhyme label="c">train</rhyme></l>
		<l>I know he'll never <rhyme label="d">find</rhyme></l>
		<l>Another gal so good and <rhyme label="d">kind</rhyme></l>

		<lg type="verse" rhyme="abaab">
		<l>Every night upon my <rhyme label="a">knees</rhyme></l>
		<l>I pray the <name>Lord</name> <rhyme label="b">above</rhyme></l>
		<l>"Hear my <rhyme label="a">plea</rhyme></l>
		<l>Send back to <rhyme label="a">me</rhyme></l>
		<l>The only man I <rhyme label="b">love</rhyme>!"</l>

		<lg type="verse">
		<l>Lord, my prayer, now don't <rhyme label="a">refuse</rhyme></l>
		<l>His sweet love don't let me <rhyme label="a">lose</rhyme>!"</l>
		<l>I'm just a lonesome <rhyme label="b">mama</rhyme></l>
		<l>Singin' lonesome mama <rhyme label="a">blues</rhyme></l>

Marked Up Lyrics

Look for text that is underlined like thisHello there! to see how various elements have been encoded!

1 - You hear the whistle Rhyme Ablow
2 - I want you all to Rhyme Aknow
3 - That train is taking my sweet man Rhyme Baway
4 - From me Rhyme Btoday

5 - Don't know the reason Rhyme Awhy
6 - I must sigh and Rhyme Acry
7 - But somethin' 'bout him makes me feel this Rhyme Bway
8 - That's why I Rhyme Bsay...

9 - I've got those lonesome mama Rhyme Ablues
10 - Since my love has been Rhyme Arefused
11 - My poor heart's grievin' because he's leavin' Rhyme Bme
12 - But wait and Rhyme Bsee
13 - Some day he'll come back Rhyme Cagain
14 - On that very same old Rhyme Ctrain
15 - I know he'll never Rhyme Dfind
16 - Another gal so good and Rhyme Dkind

17 - Every night upon my Rhyme Aknees
18 - I pray the Name TagLord Rhyme Babove
19 - "Hear my Rhyme Aplea
20 - Send back to Rhyme Ame
21 - The only man I Rhyme Blove!"

22 - Lord, my prayer, now don't Rhyme Arefuse
23 - His sweet love don't let me Rhyme Alose!"
24 - I'm just a lonesome Rhyme Bmama
25 - Singin' lonesome mama Rhyme Ablues

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